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½ Pork Loin

Ref # P00360

Delicious chunks of pork loin cooked sous-vide at low temperature for exceptional tenderness. Easy-to-use and lightly seasoned, this product is suitable for any sauce or side dish.

5.4kg / 3 bags per case
1.8kg (Var. units) per bag
3 years
Preparation instructions
  1. Thaw in a cold room for around 24h.
  2. To reheat whole:
    1. Rational oven: Slow cook and maintain mode, roasted to level 3 or 4, for 45-60 minutes at 54°C/130°F
    2. Water bath: 20-25 minutes at 70°C/160°F
  3. To serve sliced:
    1. Take the product out of the bag and slice while cold.
    2. Top the slices with hot sauce.
    3. Reheat in a conventional oven until the slices reach 54°C/130°F.

The product can also be served cold.