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Veal Chuck Roast

Ref # P00353

Veal shoulder roast braised at low temperature for several hours to obtain a medium-rare cook. The shape of the roast makes it easy to serve sliced, and its light seasoning allows it to be prepared with any sauce. Worthy of your grandmother’s traditional recipe!

6kg / 6 bags per case
1kg (1 unit) per bag
Shelf life
3 years
Preparation instructions
  1. Thaw in a cold room for around 24h.
  2. Remove the net before reheating.
  3. To serve in slices, slice before reheating.
    1. Conventional oven: 20-25 minutes at 175°C/350°F.
    2.  Steam oven: 15-20 minutes at 70°C/160°F.