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Haute cuisine with a modern twist

At Chef Brigade, we strive to offer our customers the very best of sous-vide cooking.

It’s in our kitchens that the meticulous process begins. Our chefs are constantly experimenting with new and original culinary creations to delight your patrons. Recipes are repeatedly tested and adjusted until perfect. Our research and production teams then find ways to reproduce those recipes with the same flavor every time.

To achieve such results, we first select the finest ingredients, working with only the most reputable suppliers.

Drawing inspiration from local cuisine and remaining open to some of the world’s most exotic flavors, we combine tradition with innovation, offering our customers products with natural, well-rounded flavors that are sure to please.

We work closely with our suppliers to see how to bring out the best in the high-end products we use to create our recipes.

We also form partnerships with cooking schools to identify the next generation of talented chefs that are so key to our industry, and to allow new chefs to imagine the recipes of tomorrow alongside our more seasoned personnel.

The desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible is proof of our determination to offer you the very best of sous-vide cooking.