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Sous-vide cooking

When patience is synonymous with excellence

Chef Brigade has been practicing the fine art of sous-vide cooking since 1994.

A slow process, sous-vide cooking preserves all the natural food flavors, producing a particularly tender and juicy texture that does not require artificial preservatives.

Sous-vide cooking is also one of the safest cooking methods around. The products are sealed in specially designed packages, cooked slowly at low temperatures, naturally pasteurized which has the bonus of extending their shelf life. They can be reheated in a water bath in the same packaging they were cooked in.

Best of all, this special cooking method ensures that all our products retain the same aromas and flavors our cooks have endowed them with.

Our sous-vide products are of consistent high quality and they allow you to prepare a near-endless variety of menu options to delight even the most demanding of customers.

Advantages of sous-vide cooking

Flavors that meet restaurant quality standards of excellence

Cooked to perfection, authentic flavors in every bite

Textures that are always moist and tender

No additives or preservatives

Consistent quality

A process that guarantees food safety

Our low-temperature sous-vide cooking method is based on a rigorous three-step process that ensures consistent flavor and a particularly tender texture.

1 – Sous-vide marinating with select seasonings to release aromas, whether it’s only salt and pepper or a customized rub.
2 – Precision sous-vide slow cooking at low temperature
3 – Cooling sequence to guarantee food safety

The result: delicious, all-natural, authentic cuisine with subtle flavors and incomparable tenderness.