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Ready-To-Pull Duck Breast Confit

Ref # P00369

Duck breast strips cooked sous-vide with duck fat. Tender, juicy and flavorful meat with a firm texture. A perfect solution to garnish your recipes, such as salads, pasta or pizzas. Can be served either cold or hot.

5.5kg / 10 bags per case
550g (1 unit) per bag
Shelf life
3 years
Preparation instructions
  1. Thaw in a cold room for around 24h.
  2. Can be pulled either cold or hot. To pull hot:
  3. Water bath: Put the bag in simmering water (70°C/160°F) for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Open the bag and set aside the cooking juice.
  5. Pull the duck meat, then gradually incorporate cooking juice back into the meat until reaching the desired texture.